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Jennifer Nettles, Sold Out at Riverwind Casino in Norman, Oklahoma

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Friday, September 29 

Jennifer Nettles

Superstar entertainer Jennifer Nettles is one of the most admired and animated performers. ASCAP has honored her songwriting prowess with five awards, including the emotionally charged, #1 PLATINUM hit “Stay” that also earned JenniferGRAMMY®, ACM and CMA Awards. As the … Continue reading

Lonestar at Riverwind
Friday, October 6 


It’s just a small warehouse space, hidden by a nondescript exterior somewhere in Nashville. Inside you’ll see mismatched chairs and rugs scattered around the cement floor. Little lights string across the high, black ceiling. A giant Texas flag covers much … Continue reading

Friday, October 20 

Gene Watson and Moe Bandy

Gene Watson, from Houston, Texas, has been thrilling audiences for more than 50 years. Gene’s very first radio single, the self-penned “If It’s That Easy” was released in 1962 so the entertainer is celebrating his 50 Years in the music business, … Continue reading

Beach Boys at Riverwind - Sold Out

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Saturday, October 21 

The Beach Boys

You can capsulize most pop music acts by reciting how many hits they’ve had and how many millions of albums they’ve sold.  But these conventional measurements fall short when you’re assessing the impact of The Beach Boys.  To be sure, … Continue reading

Friday, November 24 

The Romantics

In 1980, The Romantics released their debut LP. Anchored by “What I Like About You,” “When I Look In Your Eyes” and a cover of The Kinks, Ray Davies’ “She’s Got Everything.” The album is an exemplary pop-rock period piece. … Continue reading

Friday, December 8 

Neal McCoy

Neal McCoy has released 15 studio albums on various labels and has released 34 singles to country radio. In 1993, Neal McCoy broke through with the back-to-back number 1 singles “No Doubt About It” and “Wink” from his platinum-certified album “No … Continue reading

Saturday, December 16 

Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band

More than two decades into a recording career that began when he was 16, Kenny Wayne Shepherd has built a powerful reputation as a visionary recording artist, a riveting live performer and one of the most talented and distinctive guitarists … Continue reading