Keno Frequently Asked Questions

Q – What is Keno?
A – The game of Keno uses 80 balls numbered 1 through 80. Every game, the random number generator draws 20 balls and displays the numbers selected on display screens located throughout the casino. The object of the game is for the player to successfully guess the numbers that will be drawn on the upcoming game. The more numbers they successfully guess, the more the player can win.

Q – How can I play Keno?
A – Visit a Keno Cashier who will prepare a Keno ticket (a duplicate copy of the wager request form) that is your receipt for your Keno wager. Ticket purchases and the collection of winning tickets can be handled by any Keno Cashier.

Q – Where are Keno Cashiers located?
A – Keno Cashiers are conveniently located at the main cashier station on the West side of the casino.

Q – What is a wager request form?
A – A form that patrons fill out to create a ticket. Similar to a lottery ticket form, patrons may select quick picks or select their own numbers. Patrons will choose how many games to play and the amount to wager.

Q – What is a Keno pay book?
A – A pamphlet which shows the pay tables, rules, and how to play.

Q – Where are wager request forms & pay books located?
A – Forms are located throughout the casino.

Q – Where are the Keno ball draw display screens located?
A – Conveniently located throughout the casino.

Q – How often does the Keno ball draw take place?
A – A new game starts every five minutes twenty-four hours a day.*

Q – What are the hours of Keno at Riverwind Casino?
A – Keno tickets are available for purchase 10am – 2am every day. Drawing results can be viewed twenty-four hours a day.*

Q – When can I check for winning tickets?
A – Tickets can be checked at the Keno cashier station 10am – 2am
any day* and at

Q – How long is the Keno ticket valid?
A – 1-20 games are valid for 30 days, 21 games or more are valid
for 365 days.*

Q – How I patrons collect winnings?
A – Present the winning ticket to a Keno cashier for validation
and payout.

Q – Is there a maximum payout limit?
A – Yes, the rules state there is a $100,000 per game aggregate payout limit.

Q – What is an aggregate payout limit?
A – The aggregate limit is the maximum amount that Riverwind Casino
will pay in any single game to all winners combined. Visit your live results at

* Times may vary. Management reserves all rights to modify.